About the Mobile App

The Tally Meals mobile app is available on both the Android and iPhone app stores. There are three main pages: Meal Preferences, Weekly View, and Daily View outlined below. There is also a Help Menu which takes you to this page. When you first register, you’ll be asked to enter a sorority code and name, phone, and email. After that most members use the weekly view to view meals and select which ones they’ll attend.

Meal Preferences

The Meal Preferences page enables you to set dietary preferences for Vegan or Vegetarian. You can also select from a list of common allergies and add any unique allergies into the Other Allergies text box. When you’re done, hit the save button. From now on, these allergies and diets will be displayed next to every meal you book.

Weekly View

The Weekly View is where most members select the meals they want to attend because you can select meals with a single click on the turquoise colored check boxes.  If your plans change you can deselect it to remove the check mark. You do not have to hit submit on this screen. A single click is all you need to say you’ll be dining at a particular meal. If the checkbox turns grey, it means you can no longer make changes or no meal has been posted.

About Cut Off Time
Chefs can set a cut off time for each meal after which you cannot make changes. So, for example, lunch may be at noon and the chef may set a cut off time of 4 hours. You will not be able to make changes after 8am.

Menu Viewing Options
In the weekly view you can also scroll down to view menu titles, click the arrow to view menu details, and click the tile to open the daily view shown below.

Daily View

The Daily View is where you can customize your reservation. Daily View will show both lunch and dinner if you scroll. You can also use the arrows to navigate to future dates. This is where you can change party size, add notes, and request a late plate. When you make changes here you have to hit submit when you’re finished.

About Late Plates
The Late Plate feature is only used at some houses. The chef may select certain members that can request late plates. The chef can also elect to only offer them at lunch or dinner. The late plate check box is only displayed when it is an option. Don’t forget to hit submit when you’re done!